“Our greatest obstacle to love is the part of us that needs love the most.”

Mironel De Wilde

  Mironel’s life dedication lies in cultivating connections on several levels, with the mission of being empowered and empowering others to share our greatest inner gift with the world. Through Yoga, Nonviolent Communication and filmmaking, Mironel shares his experiences in personal and spiritual growth and healing. His focus is on creating space to be authentic and free so that people can make choices and live in a way that is aligned with their deepest values, doing so creating a more harmonious world for all. Mironel grew up between cultures and countries with a very present sense of the greatness of our planet. Born in the Netherlands and then raised by his activist and philosopher parents in Canada and the UK, Mironel emerged from childhood with a conviction to help others and an eager curiousness about what is to be found beyond the material life. Being exposed to a mentality of open spirituality, by the age of 13 Mironel was studying Buddhism and knew that a spiritual path would be a big part of his life. He had profound experiences with the native shamans of Canada as a teenager, and in 2001 went to India to look for the depths of Yoga at the Mahasiddha school, an esoteric tantric school. Within this lineage, he began studying Kashmir Shaivism in 2003, and that same year made his first film ‘Entering the Lotus’.

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