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Ashrams are confined spaces to create the most beneficial environment to integrate the practices of Yoga.
Home Ashram is to create that same environment in your homes without going anywhere. ‘My home is my ashram’ explains the concept in simple words.

People routinely go to an Ashram to gain clarity and efficiency. Those who have experienced it know how it impacts all aspects of our life. Our relationship with everything improves and the positivity starts to flow.
Balance starts to sink in effortlessly in a few days of rewiring and you feel refreshed and restored.

We are standing on the opportunity to lead the most comfortable, connected and fulfilled life.
We have all means to connect and the togetherness is missing. We are so close and yet so far.
Yogalife’s mission is to restore the purpose of yoga to its original purpose, guide humans to find the connection with themselves and the connection with all around us. Only through which we can see clearly and feel the reality. Only through which we can achieve balance.
We will guide you on a daily basis, giving you support and guidance of an ashram online.


We created a 10-day program to suit all needs and availability and, at the same time,
lead you on a unique journey to discover yourself in a very personal and intimate way.

Anyone from anywhere can join the Home Ashram. According to your current
possibility, you can choose to commit to the whole or partial schedule.
What we ask of you is a willingness to commit to a basic degree.

The Home Ashram team will guide you on a daily basis, giving you the support and
guidance that normally you can only find in the secluded space of an ashram. The

constant support system which will help create your rhythm of transformation is what
creates a real difference. The outline and new pattern of a steady Yoga and meditation
practice are developed during these 10 days, setting you off for creating personal

The program will be given online. We use Zoom as our streaming provider to online
stream our activities. You will be given a link which you can use on laptop, tablet or

All times mentioned are in Central European Standard Time (GMT +1).


We mentioned commitments before. What commitments are we talking about? And why do we ask for it? We want to offer you a chance to implement changes you have long desired, a chance to connect with yourself and others who join the program, and a chance to commit to 10 days that can change your life! In order to do so at the best of ours and your abilities we ask you firmly for some small commitments to be integrated in your daily life. If your answer to all the questions below is ‘YES’, you are ready to undertake this journey and you are welcome to join our Home Ashram.

• Are you willing to change?
• Can you manage to create a dedicated, sacred, small space for your yoga practice?
• Are you willing to follow a small Karma yoga assignment (conscious working) for your own
• Can you assure that you start your practice only after taking a shower in the morning?
• Can you limit alcohol/drugs/mobile phone use during the Ashram days?
• Can you set and commit a fixed time of going to bed?
As teachers, we PROMISE you the same commitment!


  • 6:30 – 7:00 AM Anthastha kriya (meditation and breath exercises)
    7:00 – 8:00 AM Asana (yoga class)
  • 12:00 – 13:00 PM Lectures (building the understanding of the Yoga system, practices adapted in Home Ashram that are relevant on your journey)
  • 13:00-13:30 PM Yoga Nidra (guided meditation)
  • 20:00 – 21:00 PM Asana (yoga class), breath exercise, meditation
  • All times mentioned are in Central European Standard Time (GMT +1).


Do you already practice yoga?

Any experience of a yoga retreat/Ashram in the past?

Do you have any health condition we should know about? (Surgery/medications/accidents/allergies/injuries in the last year)

Once you submit your application, you will be redirected to finalize your payment through Eventsports software. in case you don't have the account yet, this will take just an extra minute.


Manoj Bhanot

Manoj Bhanot is the founder of Yogalife Belgium but more than that Manoj is everybody’s favorite teacher and friend. Inspirational and life-changing yet at the same time warming and funny, Manoj’s teachings create a transformational shift in the student’s view on life and who they really are to the core. Manoj’s invigorating Hatha classes plant a seed of change. His amazing capability of sensing what is truly going on behind the words and masks, allow him to be of impactful guidance on student’s journey. A student of Swami Niranjanananda and the Bihar School of Yoga, Manoj’s understanding of the profound practice of Yoga Nidra is remarkable. Manoj’s biggest strength is that his teachings on the system of Yoga, are not a mere philosophy flying in the air but effective tools with relevance and in direct connection with real life. Manoj is a great cook of traditional Indian cuisine and a big lover of pizza, movies, and his family and friends.

Shweta Bhanot

Shweta Bhanot teaches Hatha Yoga online and at her home in Belgium. The classes at “Yoga Met Shweta” shows great care for personal attention, especially for those just starting out on their yoga journey, always open for questions. Shweta grew up in India, where yoga was part of her every-day
life. She is the youngest of 5 children, of which 4 are yoga teachers today. Shweta has followed regular yoga discourses, led by gurus from all over India. As a young adult, she was initiated in to yoga by her Guru Swami Niranjanananda almost 10 years ago. In 2011 Shweta Bhanot completed her
teachers training course (TTC) from Yogalife in the inspiring surrounding of Dharamsala. Since then she has been teaching classes in New Delhi and Belgium and is the main coordinator/teacher for the Yogalife Teacher Training in Gent. Shweta is an inspiration to many happy yogis, who are always glad to return to her uplifting classes. Shweta is the loving mom of two beautiful little girls.

Sarah Van Camp

Sarah Van Camp has been spending the best part of her days on her beloved – by now very much worn out – Yoga mat since 2013. She fell head over heels in love when she accidentally landed in a class whilst traveling around the US. Back in Belgium, she completed two RYS 200 Yoga Teacher Training of which the most transformational experience she had under the guidance of the thought-provoking Bhanot brothers. Since then, Sarah has been a dedicated member of the Yogalife community. Always hungry for more, Sarah dove deeper into the ocean that is Yoga Nidra and found herself in awe of the effects this multilayered practice had on her personal life. With the realization of the immense power and possibilities Sankalpa (intention) and visualizations can have, she now surfs brainwaves as a part of her daily ritual, living in Limburg, Belgium. Sarah specializes in teaching Hatha Yoga and Yoga Nidra. Off the Yoga mat, Sarah can be found in her running shoes, reading several books at the same time without ever finishing one, devouring podcasts, cooking delicious vegan meals for family and friends, venturing out into the woods, or writing in her journals.

Chiara Zamperetti

Chiara Zamperetti began to do yoga as a constant practice in 2016, after moving to Belgium and leaving her family and friends behind in Italy. Since then she has always found refuge and self-love on the mat, and her daily practice has become a favorite part of the day. She is a strong believer in the importance of discovering what flows inside us, through the power of yoga. With the desire of deepening and cultivating her practice, Chiara completed her RYS 200 Yoga Teacher Training in 2019 and the 60 hours Yoga Nidra TTC in 2020, both with the love, support, and guidance of Yogalife. As a Yoga teacher, Chiara’s powerful energy and sparkle will lighten your entire Yoga space. Off her mat, Chiara loves spending time outside, breathing fresh air and feeling the contact with nature, but she doesn’t mind either to sit on a sofa reading or play board games with her favorite people.’

Anne -Laure Rondel

‘Anne-Laure Rondel, originally from France and a former professional dancer, found an immense stress relief and joy spending time with her own body, discovering Yoga. “I was so amazed by how deep inside you can go with this practice!”. Anne-Laure teaches Hatha Yoga, classes that can travel
from powerful to more Yin-tempered. The most important aspect in teaching for Anne-Laure is motivating her students to travel deep inside, at the same time building awareness towards the physical body. Involving Pranayama, Asana, and Yoga Nidra, Anne-Laure’s classes are a full-range experience. Anne-Laure’s biggest addiction today is her own practice of Yoga Nidra. As a real people person, you will find yourself at ease with her right away! Anne-Laure absolutely loves food (the kinds that are healthy for the body and that other naughty kind also, healthy for the soul!), spontaneous playing with kids and taking refreshing daily walks with her dog and partner in crime, Pilou.’

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