Patrick De Vleeschauwer

Patrick is a psychologist with a focus on emotions and health. For many years he has been working with people who are effectively vulnerable using the model of The Psychology of Interdependence. In 2009 his lifework ‘De Ultieme Uitdaging’ (‘The Ultimate Challenge’) was published by Ankh-Hermes in The Netherlands, a book about his search for the healthy mind as the source of the life that is universal and sustainably worth living. This book was inspired by the Mind and Life Institute; a center for dialogue between the two great empirical traditions of East and West. In the summer of 2010 Mind and Life Institute started a Center for Investigating the Healthy Mind – the main theme of Patrick’s book. The book received good reviews and was selected by de Vlaamse Coaches (The Flemish Coaches) in 2010. Lately he has been working on his new manuscript ‘De Parel van Gandhi’ (‘The Pearl of Gandhi’); a book about the inner journey into the deep message of Yoga, which he also plans to translate in English.In 2008 he studied one year at The Graduate Institute of New York in Consciousness Studies. This Institute works in cooperation with The Global Shift University of Ervin Laszlo. As of now he wants to combine his lifelong experience in psychology and Yoga into Yoga Psychology Therapy. He is convinced that the ancient tools and insights of Yoga are a very powerful complement to the young scientific insights of the psychology tradition. His dream is contributing to a healthy, emotionally balanced, clear minded, openhearted society through the message of Yoga.

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