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Yogalife Studio is located at the heart of Brussels

All our teachers are trained by Yogalife, where the focus is on ‘Work in’ rather than a ‘Work out’.

We feel teachers are the key in assisting you on your journey to discover yourself, through Yoga or any spiritual practice.

Our Yoga classes are based on and around authentic Hatha Yoga.

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Meet our teachers

A community you can count on.

All our classes are taught by the most experienced teachers. Yoga experts from all over the world, dedicated to help you challenge your body, mind and spirit.

Manoj Bhanot

Manoj is the founder, lead teacher and backbone of Yogalife Belgium. Modern and grounded, a lovable teacher and respected friend, Manoj was clearly guided by the universe to spread the teachings of Yoga. Being born into a family of Yoga teachers on the desert land of Rajasthan India, he gained a deep understanding of the scriptures and early on learned from renowned writers and teachers.

As Manoj today encourages his students to question everything, he himself took life as an investigation searching for truth: first studying sciences, later experiencing life as a software engineer, art curator, event and marketing manager. Finally landing in his true roots as a Yogateacher, Manoj now teaches as an expert in human energy and chakras. Manoj’s profound understanding of Yoga Nidra, as a student of Bihar School of Yoga, created a one of a kind Nidra training in Belgium.

Manoj is one of those rare teachers who can implement knowledge of ancient scriptures into practical everyday life. His natural ability to see people and connect with students through his honesty and sense of humor, makes him everyone’s favorite teacher and mentor.

Lindell Nuytens

Lindell has been practicing Yoga since 2010 and is teaching since 2016. She is trained in Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga. She also completed training in Prana Flow, Myofascial Release and Chakra meditation Her Hatha Yoga classes focus on dynamic practice, flowing through and repeating postures on the pace of the breath, incorporating active holds.

Her Yin Yoga classes focus on static practice, with the body remaining in one position for a few minutes, while the muscles are relaxed. She has a functional approach to yoga-asana and insists on function and benefits of yoga postures, instead of promoting a specific esthetic form.

Oriane Gidron

Passionate about movement and the connection between body and mind, Oriane started gymnastics and dance from a very young age. Later on, she got a BA in Modern theater dance, where she discovered Yoga. Recently, she started giving dance improvisation workshops which showed her the beauty of sharing knowledge and transmitting her passion to others.

In her classes she likes to work progressively building up to a peak of strengthening exercises yet focusing on breathing throughout the whole practice challenging our mental and physical limitations and bringing our mind to stillness.

Anne-Sophie Prins

Anne-Sophie has a BA degree in European Studies and a MA degree in Global Governance and Ethics, with a focus on human rights and development cooperation, and it's been ten years that she is working for the Greens group in the European Parliament. After having practiced Yoga for the past 15 years, she found her way to Yogalife and was certified as a Hatha Yoga teacher in 2022. For her Yoga is a connection with yourself and those around you.

Her classes are aimed at making your mat your home, your place of peace, where you can celebrate your uniqueness with all its beautiful possibilities as well as its limitations, by making it your practice. The classes are balancing and re-energizing both body and mind, also always including some elements of meditation. The classes are suitable both for beginners and more advanced practitioners.

Camille van Havre

Camille studied speech therapy. She has always been passionate about self-development and digging deeper into the self, to be able to guide others in their full potential. Yoga has helped her a lot in that path. She followed the Teacher Training Course with Yogalife in 2019 and has been teaching Yoga since then. She is currently pursuing Kinesiology studies and is following a 50h Yin Yoga course online.

Yin yoga allows me to settle down, to go and listen deeply to what is going on inside of me, in a gentle way. This is exactly what she offers in her classes. It is important for her to create a caring atmosphere, where we can take the time to listen to ourselves, to do ourselves good, to put down what we no longer need and to make space for new experiences.

Malgorzata Marmurowicz

Gosia found her way to the mat for the first time in 2002, right after her studies. At that time, not fully aware of what it is and where this practice would lead her. Since then, Yoga has always been with her and has supported her in various challenging moments. She became a Yoga teacher in 2021 and is still expanding her knowledge, fascinated by the wisdom of Yoga that teaches her how to live her life fully.

“I believe yoga is for EVERYBODY and EVERY BODY, no matter your level of flexibility, gender, age, weight or social status.” Gosia For Gosia teaching is learning, exchange of knowledge and joy being with people. She experiments and explores, always respecting the boundaries and needs of the body, with great appreciation for its wisdom. During her classes there is a lot of sighing, yawning to calm the nervous system, using props and wiggling the nest to feel comfortable while relaxing.

Viktoria Papp

Viktoria is a certified Prenatal, Baby, Kids yoga as well as Hatha and Yin Yoga teacher. She is also a mother of 2 amazing kids. She aims to show that Yoga is much more than a bunch of asanas and encourages students to bring Yoga off the mat. She likes gradually building up her classes to ensure students practice Yoga in a safe way.. Victoria started to practice Yoga regularly in 2013 to relieve back pain caused by a typical desk job.

Soon she realized that Yoga not only can help to strengthen the body, but it's a very effective tool in stress management. Her appetite to learn more and her love for Yoga brought her from training to training. She started teaching regularly in 2021.

Ruta Colon

Ruta’s first steps in Yoga began in Lithuania more than 20 years ago. At that time she had a busy office life and Yoga was her tool to support herself and recharge. In 2014, together with her husband she moved to Brussels, had two children and then took the opportunity to step deeper into the world of Yoga. In 2019, she joined the Yogalife teacher training course. Ruta completed the main 200H Teacher training and 300H Advanced Teacher Training programs: Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, Anatomy, Sadhana- yogic studies. It was truly an awakening process.

“ I am still a passionate student who likes to share yoga knowledge. I am open- hearted and self-driven teacher.”

Maria Kenesei

Maria started yoga when life was a bit tough and needed something to center herself, find inner peace again. She have never looked back ever since. She loves to be a yoga teacher because of her students: “they give me just as much as, hopefully, I give them, and nothing makes me happier than seeing someone succeed on the mat - may it be achieving a particular pose or simply relaxing and enjoying the practice.”

“ Yoga is for everybody and every body, the only thing you have to do is show up, that's it. Maria started from zero: no background in dancing or gymnastics, hasn’t really done any sports or meditation before, but today she feels strong and empowered in her body, and that is thanks to yoga. “If I could do it, everybody else can, and I will be happy to guide you on the way.”

Anne-Laure Rondel

Anne-Laure, originally from France, is a former professional dancer who re-discovered herself and her passion to teach in the profound practice of Yoga. A dreamer with both feet deeply rooted into the ground, she now teaches Hatha Yoga all over Gent in her popular private and studio classes.

Anne-Laure shares her teachings in the Yogalife Teacher Training, Home Ashram, the Yoga Nidra Advanced course and Antastha Yatra retreat (Goa). She calls herself an addict when it comes to Yoga Nidra and deeply cherishes, teaches and practices on a daily basis. Her soft and at the same time strong voice allows her students to travel deep into the practice of Nidra. Anne-Laure is a spontaneous and playful soul and one of Yogalife’s warm heartbeats.

Elena Cadei

Elena is originally from the north of Italy and has been living in London before moving to Brussels in 2018. She started to practice Yoga in 2017, in her small room in London. When life was challenging Yoga helped her to come back to herself, and to find the strength to go through those difficult situations.

After the pandemic she decided to follow the 200hr Teacher training with Yogalife and is now teaching Yoga in many places in Brussels. She teaches Hatha Yoga, PowerYoga and Gentle flow. In her class you will find a great combination of balance, strength and meditation.Everybody and all levels are welcome.

Ornella Altenloh

Ornella has a background in gymnastics, ballet and contemporary dance as well as personal training. She has been practicing Yoga since 2009 and has been dedicating herself teaching vinyasa & hatha since she graduated her 200 RYT with Yogalife in 2017. She focuses on bringing safe alignments in the asana practice, safely and mindfully challenging the physical body while linking all this with the mind.

Ornella believes that everyone should feel safe and welcome in her class regardless of age, gender and physical limitations. Her power flow is more dynamic and energizing. “We will move at the pace of our own breath while both strengthening and stretching the body.” Hatha is a more static practice.” We will focus on building the foundations of your practice. Learning safe alignments and how to breathe properly.” In both styles we will explore meditation, pranayama and asanas.

Sarah Rillaert

Sarah's favorite quote is : "The purpose of life is to experience it." Sarah is a former performer and has a background in Practical Psychology, Marketing & Communications. She studied Yoga with Yogalife, Yoga Anatomy with Tom Myers and Yoga for Sports in Utrecht. Yoga came into her life as she was looking to experience movement from the inside to the outside. She discovered much more than that and Yoga never left her since then.

She is currently studying Clinical Psychology at the VUB Brussels to keep learning about the magical field of science and spirituality. Today, She is a psychosomatic therapist and teaches Yoga. She loves art, traveling, reading philosophy and having good times with friends, family and her sweet dog Bonzai.

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More than yoga...deep connection


Because our members talk about it better than we do, find out why Alex Tolan, Lalima Singh, Nils-Everd Bracke and all the others practice at the Yoga Studio.

I trust and recommend Yogalife with my eyes closed. It’s a « try it out and you’ll understand » type of experience. From physical Yoga classes to the whole yogic history, you will be emerged into this world of Yoga and guided by a very trust worthy team!

Oriane Gidron

Over the years Yogalife has become much more than a yoga school for me, it’s a warm community of dedicated yogis and authentic teachers! We developed a beautiful connection based on acceptance and trust and we support each other continuously!! Thank you Yogalife for making this possible 🙏 ✨

Alex tolan

I finished my 200 hour teacher training in 2016 and recommend training with YogaLife if you’re looking into deepening your personal practice or if you want to become a teacher. Several experienced trainers are teaching a broad spectrum of topics with respect of yoga tradition. The uniqueness of every student is embraced and the confidence is given to start teaching yoga and to develop a steady personal asana and meditation practice. Definitely a positive experience!

Lindell Yoga

What else can be said about this great TTC? I started in Cologne and finished in Luxembourg, this one year and a half was wonderful and I am looking forward to continuing with Yogalife. My yogi toolbox is full and ready to be used and shared.

Charlotte Julie

Yogalife and Manoj have turned out to be a game changer for me. Got me back to the school of meditation and yoga which worked best for me. Great instructors, very positive, healthy vibe. Have attended two retreats in Goa, which have helped me greatly.

Lalima Singh

If you're looking for a course that enriches your knowledge and practice of yoga, I would absolutely recommend Yogalife. Be prepared to leave these rooms with an extensive toolkit that will leave you more curious and excited of what life and the practice has more to offer.

Nils-Everd Bracke

So grateful to join in 2022 Yogalife TTC training in Luxembourg! An absolute fruitful and fulfilling process and journey! Love all the trainers and Yogi peers!

Julia Zhang

I did my yoga teacher training with Yogalife and it was the beginning of a beautiful spiritual journey. Manoj is a wonderful teacher who captivates you with his stories and wisdom. :)

Lisa Piette

The best yoga teaching organisation. I just finished the 200h yoga ttc in Brussels and my journey of this course was absolutely amazing. It is a journey within, I know myself better now. The teachers are very experienced and authentic. Thank you yogalife.

Deepika Sharma

I love the way Yogalife teaches, they focus more on the inner experience and Spiritual dimension of yoga. It's an inner shift for more auspiciousness in your life.

Greet Swinnen

The TTC at Yogalife has been a journey that not only provided the knowledge to become a confident and prepared teacher, but also an eye-opening experience about the power of yoga as a life management tool, able to unleash the inner wisdom that lays within all of us, by getting a wider perspective on things and a deeper connection with our inner selves. I couldn't recommend it more!

Carmen Pontelli

For me personally, the program was life changing. It was a very good course, not only for the things i learned but also for the person i became by going through the process. The teachers are amazing. The way they teach, their passion.

Karine Samyn

Fantastic time with Yogalife, an international school with Indian roots, warm and disciplined approach. Grateful for the teachings, stories and experiences.

Joana Carvalho Afonso

Yogalife is an amazing school to become a Yoga teacher or to follow trainings whith, which will create a change, not only in your own life but also in the life of your own students ❤🧡💛

Valérie Vankelst

The authenticity of the Teachers, the relaxed learning atmosphere, the space to just be You.

Anne-Laure Rondel

If you want to experience true life change and grow as yogi definitely place to attend! Great teachers and atmosphere!

Dajana Damjanovic

I am currently finishing the 200h Hatha Yoga TTC in Brussels. I am very happy of the choice of Yogalife for the TTC and I would recommend to anyone looking for a good quality teaching. I particularly appreciate the different teachers with their different expertise, the communication with the teachers who are available, the opportunity to meet former students and exchange with them. In addition, the organizational team is effective and very nice, trying to find solutions when possible. Starting with Yogalife is being part of a new yoga family!

Elodie Garric

Very recommandable to follow this course. The teachers are professional in what they say and do. They give you trust in teaching yoga on a qualitive level. It makes really a difference in how you can design your class.

Wim Keppens

A sincere community of experienced teachers that educate in the most pedagogic and kind ways. Highly recommended !

Bissi A.

If you are looking for the best yoga teacher training, you're in the right place.

Alex V

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