Am I ready for a Teacher Training?+

Only prerequisite to start the teacher training is a ‘click’ with yoga. The moment you feel this system of yoga is doing good to you and you want to go to another level of refinement, you are ready for it. You can enroll the way you are without any preparation as the training itself is your preparation. You don’t need any sort of personality development or any pre knowledge of yoga or a particular level of fitness. Our groups are consisting of all ages, all genders, nationalities, different languages. You can always call us to discuss what you think is your challenge area.+

That might not necessarily be your primary focus and that’s ok! Maybe you just want to deepen your own practice and Yogic studies and also in that case a Teacher Training is the best place to come to. We as Yogalife do have to warn you that many students during their training fall in love with sharing their Yoga and most of our graduates do start teaching. You do you!

My body isn’t flexible enough, can I still be part of the Training?+

Every body is a Yoga body. As Yoga teachers, we learn how to find the right variations and modifications for every type of body or injury. We must be able to do exactly the same for ourselves. Flexibility is something that can be a result of practicing Yoga, it is not the aim of Yoga.

What style of Yoga does Yogalife teach?+

Hatha Yoga is the mother of all Yoga styles. It is the most authentic Yoga to teach as all existing Yoga styles are derived from Hatha. Yogalife teaches the foundational principles of asana (postures) and unique ‘hands-on’ adjustments. From here on, each student can develop their own teacher personality and style. We feel limiting a student to a particular sequence is limiting the growth of a would be teacher.

Who are the teachers and what is their experience?+

Yogalife teachers are a family of unique individuals and inspiring teachers, each with their own expertise in the field of Yoga, philosophy, anatomy, psychology.Each teacher is trained average at least 5 years before being included in the teaching team. Each weekend is delivered by an expert lead teacher and 4 assistant teachers. Read all bio’s here and find out who we are!

Are you a Yoga Alliance Registered School?+

Yes we are! Check Yogalife’s profile on Yoga Alliance , read student reviews and our student rating of 4,69 out of 5 stars!

Are books and materials included in the price of the training?+

Yogalife’s training manual is included in the price and received on the first day of Teacher Training. Next to that we ask you to purchase ‘Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha’ by Bihar School of Yoga as a guide through exploring Yoga postures. Other books can be recommended as tips but definitely are not compulsory.

When will I find out if I have been accepted into the program?+

Within 24 hours, you must receive an email with information about your acceptance into the program. In case you haven’t heard back from us, do check your spam folder or contact us through info@yogalife.org

Can I pay in installments?+

Yes, you can! It would be a sad thing if a genuine student misses out on starting their dream education because of financial reasons. Please reach out to us and let us know where you are financially. We will look for a solution together and see which payment program is reasonable. If you want to do this training, nothing should stop you!
What if I miss some training hours or a whole weekend? Yogalife students are asked for their full commitment and presence throughout the training. Of course life happens and something might get in the way of your attendance. In that case, we look for the best solution together to make up for the hours. You will get the opportunity to do the topic in another training (also possible in one of our other locations) or do an online version of this topic. We might give you an extra assignment to make sure you have understood the material. In short, we are always here as teachers to give you extra wherever it is needed. If you are genuine and hungry to learn as a student, there are always solutions! How much time is required for homework and assignments? Throughout the training, you will be preparing your classes. In the beginning creating your sequences might take up some extra time. Next to that, you will complete two written assignments that will take a couple of hours to complete. Your own Yoga practice at home ideally takes up some time every day. The schedule of completing different tasks is shared on time so everybody can plan accordingly.

Can I participate in the Training if I am fully working/have a busy family life?+

Yes, you can. We all have busy schedules and we understand it can be a challenge sometimes. Yoga is actually teaching us the tools on how to become effective in our energy management. What is the significance of it all if we can not put it to use in our everyday and very real buzzing lives? The weekend models are specially designed, keeping functional, working and family people.
Talk openly to your family before the start of the training, explaining the importance and announcing that these 9 weekends will be focused on your Yoga training.

Will I be a certified yoga teacher?+

Yes, if all components are completed, you will receive a certificate and you will officially be a Yoga teacher. This certification will allow you to register with Yoga Alliance. Will I be able to teach after completing Teacher Training? Yes! From the first weekend on, we already start small teaching methodology exercises. By the 9th weekend you will have significant teaching experience and you will have found the true joy of sharing Yoga. You will be ready to go out and teach your own classes!

How many times in a week do I need to practice Yoga?+

There is no specific rule to your own practice. Throughout the training however, we would recommend creating a daily practice for yourself. This will allow you to go really deep in your own experience and it will help you grow exponentially as a teacher also. Sharing

Is Yoga or OM a religion?+

Yoga is not a religion. Yoga is a system designed to live a full life. Yoga is a life management tool.

Is Hinduism part of the Training?+

Hinduism is a part of the training, in the sense that we look at the philosophical, historical and cultural origins of Yoga and the mythological Gods and stories that carry it. In general, We use all religions and their learnings equally to create understanding of life.

What is the prerequisite for a Teachers Training Course?+

Come with an open mind, ready to learn and surrender yourself to the process. Come with a critical mind, ready to investigate what is being taught. Come with trust that all pieces of the puzzle will come together by the end of this training. Come with full commitment and presence. Come with a hunger to learn more.

Where can I read more about Yoga?+

Before the start of your training, you receive a book list full of tips for quality books to read on Yoga.

Can I become an assistant with Yogalife after completing my Teacher Training?+

Yes, through Yogalife’s Continuous Education Program, you can apply to become a Yogalife assistant. This program, which is free for all Yogalife graduates, allows you to experience the training from the viewpoint of the Yogalife team and grants you a unique behind the scenes experience. You will be given some teaching opportunities as you are closely monitored in your development by the Yogalife team.

Are there possibilities to become a Yogalife team member one day?+

All Yogalife teachers were once Yogalife students. We have designed an intense trajectory of high quality programs to step by step become a full-range Yogalife trainer. Next to the programs, you are carefully supported, coached and mentored by the Yogalife core team for years to come. The combination of this coaching, your education and lots of trials and experience can grow any student to become a Yogalife Teacher.