Yoga Teacher Training Goa

(01 Dec - 21 December 2024) (Immersion-21 Days/200hrs)

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This school provides a safe space to learn and grow into a deeper understandig of yoga and yourself. The 200H TTC provided by YogaLife is a profound base and gives the necessary input to be able to start as a confident yoga teacher, ready to continue the journey.

Bieke Vanbeselaere

It was an absolute pleasure to meet Poonam & Thomas with their team in Zurich. They create a loving, fun, safe and uplifting environment for everyone, students, teachers, patients and their team. To me, the journey with them was the best experience I ever had with yoga.It was an absolute pleasure to meet Poonam & Thomas with their team in Zurich. They create a loving, fun, safe and uplifting environment for everyone, students, teachers, patients and their team. To me, the journey with them was the best experience I ever had with yoga.


The Yogalife course has had a transformative impact on me. The course director and main teacher, Manoj Bhanot, has truely taught us a holistic approach to yoga, leading by example with a lot of compassion, that I want to exhibit as well as a yoga teacher. I have in fact already recommended their course to someone who asked me where I followed my YTT. People already asking where I did my teacher training is a clear endorsement of the teacher training I followed in my opinion. ;-)

Arnaud Installe - Niyamas Yoga Studio

I love the Indian teachings with a western twist we had from Sanjeev, Manoj, Shweta and Poonam. They teach us to teach from the heart, as they do. All topics are covered, which gives you a perfect foundation to start your teaching adventure. Even after the training we stay part of the yoga family. A heart warming community which I'm proud of to be part of.

Nele Temmerman

Very dedicated head teacher, very knowledgeable and super approachable. Overall a very pleasant experience!

Torsten Schittenhelm

Fantastic and transformative experience! I am grateful every day for all that I learnt in my TTC and for being part of the Yogalife family.


Yogalife brings ancient knowledge to the modern world. Sanjeev, Manooj, Sweta, and Poonam give a true sense of doing a teacher training in India without needing to travel as far. I learned more about myself than I have in most of my life. I feel like a confident teacher and I have found my own style that I am constantly developing.

Anna Manuzzi

My Yoga Teacher Training was a seriously life-changing experience. People full of passion, knowledge and love. I felt there heard, loved, and accepted. I recommend all of you who are looking for professional organized hatha yoga teacher training.

Gosia Marmurowicz Go For Rest

The 200h program of Sanapurna in Zürich, Switzerland was really good. Quality and atmosphere were great. Poonam the head teacher is a wonderful person and a very skilled teacher. I am very grateful to be a part of this Sanapurna team.

Tim Ramholt

Had an amazing experience, have grown as a person and as a teacher. Love the way they are a family and you can keep on learning.

eva verhasselt

I enjoyed being a part of this big (European) International Yogafamily sharing authentic Hatha Yoga skills -- Bihar -Sivananda-style; warmly flavoured with Indian stories from Bhagavad Gita to the Mahabharata. Thank you :-)

Wilfrieda Paessens

Very well structured and multi-faceted TTC with highly motivated teachers. I have discovered so many new aspects of yoga, its teaching and above all, about myself.

Kathie Blanck

My experience at Yogalife was amazing I truly found a family. All the teachers are fantastic and always ready to help and listen with love and care. I'm so thankful to have Yogalife in my life I'll for sure take other training with them!


My choice to complete my 300 hrs YTT at Yogalife was my best choice ever. Although the difficult times we all were faced due the pandemic, Sanapurna Yoga school as a part of Yogalife provided us a very well structured, very professional and profound training. This advanced Yoga Teacher Training enabled all of the participants to be better practitioners & mindful teachers.

Yoga by Stéphie

YogaLife's YTT 200hr program is absolutely superb: thoughtfully designed, comprehensive, and taught by a caring team of extremely knowledgeable instructors. It far exceeded my expectations and the experience changed my life in many positive ways.

Heather Perkins

I had the most beautiful experience completing my ATTC with YOGALIFE and SANAPURNA in Zurich. The content was of very high quality and our school looked for the best possible teachers in each specific subject. I would recommend this course to 200h yoga teachers looking to deepen their knowledge and learn in a deep and thorough way. Thank you!

Jelena Milovic

The Teacher Training with Yogalife is not "just" becoming a Yogateacher, it is a whole transformational process. I felt all the time so warm welcomed and perfectly guided through this process. Yogalife is exactly doing what I was looking for: Teaching Yoga from the heart. I learned so much and I am so grateful for that.

Lisa Rüther

Yogalife's 200 hours TTC was the most magical experience guided by exceptional teachers with true and pure knowledge ! I am already looking forward to diving into their advanced teacher programs when the time comes :)

Alyssa Baumann

it was the perfect balance of teaching of philosophy, asanas , pranyama and meditation. I really valued the fact we were pushed to teach ourself from day one! And all wanderfull teachers!

Michele de gruttola

J'ai été très heureuse d'avoir appris avec Yogalife. Ils sont très pros et le yoga est vraiment leur passion. Je là recommande les yeux fermés. Je vais continuer d'autres formations chez eux.

Vanessa Metni

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Yoga in Goa
Yoga in Goa

Why Yoga Teacher Training Goa

Yogalife’s 200 hrs TTC (Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher training) immersion in Goa, India is a beautiful combination for newbies who are curious about Yoga, advanced students who want to start the journey of being a Yoga teacher or practitioners who simply wish to deepen their practice.

Many say that TTC is where it All starts. Step by step learning about the Yoga core principles, about our bodies, energies, and our minds. You basically start to learn how to manage this bio mechanism of yours, you start to live. Yoga becomes/is your life management system, and this Teacher training your laboratory. You start to love, and your life becomes a song, a dance, a celebration.

We have observed the deep impact and/or results that 21 days of immersion creates in the lives of those who have committed to starting or continuing the walk towards discovering/ transforming themself. The location, the food, the daily schedule and the duration of the training, all have been purposefully chosen to support you in discovering your talents, unfolding your potential, to offer the relaxed space you need to really learn.

Our authentic teachers are fully dedicated to supporting you in this life-changing journey during the TTC and after as our continuous education program provides the opportunity to stay connected and continue to grow.


  • 01 Dec - 21 December 2024


  • 2.550€ (without accommodation)
  • 2.990 € incl. accommodation (Private Hut – double bed, shower, toilet)
  • 3.050€ (Private rooms with double bed, bathroom + air condition)
    (Single occupancy. No sharing.)


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More than a Yoga School:

A warm community and a place to reconnect with yourself.
Find out what our student say about us:


I trust and recommend Yogalife with my eyes closed. It’s a « try it out and you’ll understand » type of experience. From physical Yoga classes to the whole yogic history, you will be emerged into this world of Yoga and guided by a very trust worthy team!

Oriane Gidron

Over the years Yogalife has become much more than a yoga school for me, it’s a warm community of dedicated yogis and authentic teachers! We developed a beautiful connection based on acceptance and trust and we support each other continuously!! Thank you Yogalife for making this possible 🙏 ✨

Alex tolan

I finished my 200 hour teacher training in 2016 and recommend training with YogaLife if you’re looking into deepening your personal practice or if you want to become a teacher. Several experienced trainers are teaching a broad spectrum of topics with respect of yoga tradition. The uniqueness of every student is embraced and the confidence is given to start teaching yoga and to develop a steady personal asana and meditation practice. Definitely a positive experience!

Lindell Yoga

What else can be said about this great TTC? I started in Cologne and finished in Luxembourg, this one year and a half was wonderful and I am looking forward to continuing with Yogalife. My yogi toolbox is full and ready to be used and shared.

Charlotte Julie

Yogalife and Manoj have turned out to be a game changer for me. Got me back to the school of meditation and yoga which worked best for me. Great instructors, very positive, healthy vibe. Have attended two retreats in Goa, which have helped me greatly.

Lalima Singh

If you're looking for a course that enriches your knowledge and practice of yoga, I would absolutely recommend Yogalife. Be prepared to leave these rooms with an extensive toolkit that will leave you more curious and excited of what life and the practice has more to offer.

Nils-Everd Bracke

So grateful to join in 2022 Yogalife TTC training in Luxembourg! An absolute fruitful and fulfilling process and journey! Love all the trainers and Yogi peers!

Julia Zhang

I did my yoga teacher training with Yogalife and it was the beginning of a beautiful spiritual journey. Manoj is a wonderful teacher who captivates you with his stories and wisdom. :)

Lisa Piette

The best yoga teaching organisation. I just finished the 200h yoga ttc in Brussels and my journey of this course was absolutely amazing. It is a journey within, I know myself better now. The teachers are very experienced and authentic. Thank you yogalife.

Deepika Sharma

I love the way Yogalife teaches, they focus more on the inner experience and Spiritual dimension of yoga. It's an inner shift for more auspiciousness in your life.

Greet Swinnen

The TTC at Yogalife has been a journey that not only provided the knowledge to become a confident and prepared teacher, but also an eye-opening experience about the power of yoga as a life management tool, able to unleash the inner wisdom that lays within all of us, by getting a wider perspective on things and a deeper connection with our inner selves. I couldn't recommend it more!

Carmen Pontelli

For me personally, the program was life changing. It was a very good course, not only for the things i learned but also for the person i became by going through the process. The teachers are amazing. The way they teach, their passion.

Karine Samyn

Fantastic time with Yogalife, an international school with Indian roots, warm and disciplined approach. Grateful for the teachings, stories and experiences.

Joana Carvalho Afonso

Yogalife is an amazing school to become a Yoga teacher or to follow trainings whith, which will create a change, not only in your own life but also in the life of your own students ❤🧡💛

Valérie Vankelst

The authenticity of the Teachers, the relaxed learning atmosphere, the space to just be You.

Anne-Laure Rondel

If you want to experience true life change and grow as yogi definitely place to attend! Great teachers and atmosphere!

Dajana Damjanovic

I am currently finishing the 200h Hatha Yoga TTC in Brussels. I am very happy of the choice of Yogalife for the TTC and I would recommend to anyone looking for a good quality teaching. I particularly appreciate the different teachers with their different expertise, the communication with the teachers who are available, the opportunity to meet former students and exchange with them. In addition, the organizational team is effective and very nice, trying to find solutions when possible. Starting with Yogalife is being part of a new yoga family!

Elodie Garric

Very recommandable to follow this course. The teachers are professional in what they say and do. They give you trust in teaching yoga on a qualitive level. It makes really a difference in how you can design your class.

Wim Keppens

A sincere community of experienced teachers that educate in the most pedagogic and kind ways. Highly recommended !

Bissi A.

If you are looking for the best yoga teacher training, you're in the right place.

Alex V

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Yoga in Goa
Yoga in Goa

What you will learn - The program

It is important to understand that it is not just what you are learning. It is also important to learn the approach your teacher takes to make the learning experience enjoyable and memorable. This method of teaching is based on the principle of learning by doing from the very beginning and uses an adult learning style and a coaching-based methodology.

The foundation

  • Starting from the beginning: definitions, types of yoga and the original yogic approach.
  • Yogic history and the most useful mile stones
  • Learn about Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, the most significant yogic texts and its relevance to modern life.
  • Additionally to the theory of meditation, pranayama, asanas, and mantras, there is the integration of these practices into practical application, which involves observing yourself, experiencing yourself, and teaching others.

Yoga and the yogic body

  • Hatha Yoga, the foundation of all yoga styles
  • Shatkarmas, the purification process of yoga.
  • Chakras, Nadis, Bandhas, Mudras, Koshas
  • Anatomy and physiology includes the 11 body systems and yogic aspects along with medical anatomy and physiology.
  • Pranayama, the science of breath and energy and the fundamental principles of energy channels
  • Asana Clinic, the in-depth dissection of yoga postures (Asanas). This is imperative to understand how they affect our bodies and minds. You will learn to instruct and correct students so that their practice can advance.
  • Yoga Nidra and its components
  • Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga, Mantra yoga, Jnana Yoga and the science behind them.
  • Practice teaching yoga classes and getting constructive feedback at the end of each class.
  • Designing and building sequences according to yoga students's needs and what is most beneficial to them
  • Graduation ceremony

In addition to the curriculum, you will learn yogic approaches to day-to-day life and a coaching process where you create a plan for how to carry yoga and creativity as you move forward and enrich your life.

Location + Accommodation + food + Taxi + Safety

Luxury of simplicity: This location offers a simple habitat that is hard to come by these days. It's known as the "yoga beach" among locals who take pride in maintaining a clean and peaceful environment. The location provides all you need so that all your basic needs are met in order to allow you to focus on your training

Accommodation: There are two types of accommodations (Room and hut). The prices are for single occupancy for both accommodations. That means you are not sharing your room with anyone. Each room/hut has a double bed, a cupboard, hot shower, and a toilet. The room option has an air conditioner. You can always change or switch if you prefer one over another option.

Yoga in Goa
Yoga in Goa

Food: The food is not included in the price as it is very cheap, great quality and gives you the freedom to choose from wide range. You are also not bound to eat all the time with the group and eat when it is convenient to you and sit with yourself in peace. (Of course, it is nice to be with the group however personal space and freedom to choose comes handy when you stay in a program for 21 days :))

Money exchange: You can exchange money just a few yards away from the location and you get the rate visible on the internet. Normally, you don’t have to carry money as restaurant correctly keeps a track of your consumption, which you can clear whenever you want or even towards the end of your course. Normally, a budget of 7€ to 10€ is sufficient to cover all meals and juices etc. There are ATM machines nearby to also take out cash and you can pay with your cards for your daily use stuff.

Taxi: We will help you to be picked up by the taxi service of the resort. The drivers are very reliable and trustworthy. We know them for many years, and they are discrete and humble. They are continuously updated via apps if your flights are delayed and will ensure that they pick you up and bring you safely to your room. It will cost you around 25€ for a travel of 80/90 Minutes from airport to the resort. We can arrange the pickup once you send us your flight details after your registration to the course.

E visa: The E visa is very easy to obtain, and we can also help you guide through it.

Safety: Goa is a safe haven where you can experience peace and serenity from every angle, whether you're strolling on the beach, waiting at the airport, or exploring the streets. This destination is known for its peaceful atmosphere, allowing you to relax and enjoy your time without any worries about safety.

Application - Goa Teacher training course

Once you apply, we will respond back withing 24 hours with the next steps. In case you do not get our email response in the given time, please check your spam folder or drop a message on +32493811811


I am

Do you have any recent Illnesses?

Do you have any allergies?

What area of your Yoga-Practice do you have difficulty in?

Why do you want to attend this TTC?

How do you plan to prepare yourself for this TTC?

Where did you first hear about Yogalife?

The Team

You will be taught by 4 full time experienced teachers and a supporting team. The team will be led by world renowned Yoga teachers Sanjeev Bhanot and Manoj Bhanot.

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