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Yoga Teacher Training

Yogalife’s Teacher Training is where it all begins. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Yoga newbie or an advanced student, this is where you profoundly deepen your practice and take the first essential steps towards discovering your own true nature. Your potential starts showing itself from the very first weekend onward in a completely safe and strongly supportive environment. Yogalife’s purpose is to help you uncover your own talents and meet yourself as the Yoga teacher that you already are inside. Weekend by weekend, step by step, you grow in all essential fields of Yogic studies. Even after your graduation, you are supported by the community of Yogalife and even have opportunities of joining the team!

Yoga Nidra Training

Yoga Nidra is generally known as Yogic sleep with the purpose of deep relaxation. However, this is only a small part of the vast possibilities of this profound and ancient technique. Clearing your sleeping problems, reducing stress and anxiety, exploring your own inner healing powers and creating the life of your dreams are some of the potent effects of this powerful practice. In Yogalife’s Nidra training, students experience the tools to change their own life in the direction they desire, next to guiding others on this transformational path. Yoga Nidra advanced training is accessible for everybody, from doctors and psychologists to Yoga students.

Upcoming Advanced Yoga Trainings


Advanced Teacher Trainings are here to dive even deeper into the ocean that is Yoga. A true Yogi always keeps learning, always remains hungry to explore the vessel that contains our body, mind and life energy. Yogalife’s advanced trainingsoffer the entire package to reach to an advanced Yoga teacher level with 500 hours of accreditation. From exploring Yogic Anatomy to understanding our breath in Pranayama studies to undergoing an intense Sadhana... The full range of studies are here on offering in the beautiful space of our Brussels location or the mesmerizing island of Ibiza


14 May 2023 - 23 May 2023

100 hrs Yogic Studies

Ibiza, Spain
Yogic Studies

04 October 2024 - 12 January 2025

4 Weekends COURSE
100 hrs Yoga Anatomy

Brussels, Belgium
Yoga Anatomy

24 Sep 2023- 30 Sep 2023

40 hrs Pranayama

Ibiza, Spain

Yogalife Retreat

Reboot your entire system on a Yoga Retreat in India!

Yogalife retreat in Goa, India. In love with Yoga and always wanted to travel to India? You don’t necessarily have to do that on your own. Antastha Yatra is a 10 day Yoga process, a deep dive towards the source of your own being, resulting in an entire energy reboot. Connected with fellow Yogis, we spend an intense 10 days in our beautiful Shala next to the beach in Goa. Your free hours you can spend in the sea, enjoying delicious food and drinks and soaking up the sun. This combination of deep Yogic work and profound relaxation is the cocktail that will send you back home completely refreshed and hungry for life!

08 Nov - 17 Nov 2024
21 Feb - 02 March 2025

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Yogalife Festival

Yogalife Festival is a celebration of an international Yoga community. From all over Europe, Yogalife students and Yoga enthusiasts gather to practice together what they love most. Well known Yoga teachers come to share their knowledge in unique classes and workshops. Yogalife festival is a beautiful community of individuals, coming together to eat, meditate, practice, sing and celebrate. Be welcomed!


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Yogalife Teachers

Become a Yoga Teacher

Yogalife organizes multiple levels of yoga teacher trainings in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and India.

Yogalife Retreats

Join Yogalife on a 10 day Yoga process in Goa, India. Discover Yoga and yourself, rejuvenate and cultivate life.

Change People's Lives

This course trains you to guide others in Yoga Nidra , whilst facilitating your own personal transformation.

Yogalife Festival

People come together at the Yogalife Festival to connect, sing and laugh, share delicious food and above all, practice Yoga together.

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