Upcoming Yoga Courses


“Yogalife is an international Yoga school that guides you in rediscovering yourself and living a life of health and happiness. Yogalife is powered by a strong and energetic community.

Yoga Nidra Training

Reduce stress, explore your own inner healing powers and create the life of your dreams with Yoga Nidra.

Yoga Teacher Training

Deepen your Yoga practice, discover your true potential and spread your love for Yoga and Meditation as a strong and capable Yoga Teacher. Find out more about or transformational Yoga Teacher Training!

Yogalife Retreat

Reboot your entire system on a Yoga Retreat in India!

18February - 27February 2022 (GOA – INDIA)


Yogalife Festival

Connect with our inspiring Yoga community at our yearly Yoga festival!


Yogalife Teachers

Become a Yoga Teacher

Yogalife organizes multiple levels of yoga teacher trainings in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and India.

Yogalife Retreats

Join Yogalife on a 10 day Yoga process in Goa, India. Discover Yoga and yourself, rejuvenate and cultivate life.

Change People's Lives

This course trains you to guide others in Yoga Nidra , whilst facilitating your qwn personal transformation.

Yogalife Festival

People come together at the Yogalife Festival to connect, sing and laugh, share delicious food and above all, practice Yoga together.

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