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In its early years, Yogalife started by organizing intensive one-month long Teacher Training Courses in India and Switzerland. Because the Yogalife founders  often spent 30 days in an isolated place in India, they were able to spend time with all students individually and understand what the things were that created most impact on them. Through continuous feedback and self-education Yogalife refined its sincere Yoga education for the last 20 years. The Yogalife teachers noticed that in their one-month formula, the main participants were individuals  on a sabbatical or were in-between jobs or relationships. Many of those people were exploring options in a search to change their lives and Yoga was just one of those options.
However, many other people from all over the globe wanted to join the courses too, but these people often had a job, children or a very active life and were not able to take one month off to attend the TTC. That is when Yogalife decided to divide the content of the one-month TTC into 9 weekends, an update that was made 10 years ago and first tested in Belgium. It proved to be a very successful formula and has since been followed by many other Yoga organizations . Through this change Yogalife noticed a big shift in their clientele, where the participants now are often much more into Yoga and really want to adjust their lives according to the Yoga philosophy in which they are immersed during the Teacher Training Course.





“Through continuous feedback and self-education Yogalife refined its sincere Yoga education for the last 2 decades.” 

The Yoga Journey

Our 200 hours Teacher Training Course -whether you undergo it in one month or in 9 weekends- is focused on delivering the basic content a yogi needs to start his or her journey of teaching Yoga.
In recent years we have also extended our teachings by adding new courses: We now have a course focused solely on Yoga Nidra (where we create a state of meditative consciousness) and we created 3 advanced Teacher Training Courses focused on Body, Mind & Soul. All of these courses are recognized by Yoga Alliance and give a student the option to become a 500 hrs. certified Teacher. These Teacher Training Courses are currently happening in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and India.

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Travel Together

We are a service oriented organization. Many people are continuously hungry for more information and guidance in their life journey. We noticed that many of our teachers wanted to support each other in this search for information, because the education possibilities do not die down as soon as the course is finished.
That is why Yogalife Festival came into existence, here teachers come to help each other and introduce new people to the lavish world of Yoga. This started as a gathering for Belgian Yogalife teachers, but soon we noticed that students from Switzerland and Germany were also excited to be a part of the experience so it became an international encounter. There are lots of people looking for a lifeline when going through many different challenges in life. The essence of those challenges is coming from within, whether they are coming up in a relationship, a job or finding direction in life. That is why we extended our curriculum with programs which are based on Yoga Philosophy. These programs are not academically (like the Teacher Trainings) but we really focus on working together in finding a path. Two of those programs are Antastha Yatra (a 10 day yoga process in India) and Puruchartas (a 2 day workshop).
Everybody is helping other people to grow.

Yogalife Teachers

We invest most of our resources into our teachers. We keep each other on the path with an open feedback culture. That is also why we are a strong community. Everybody is always helping other people to grow.
Since we are doing this for two decades already, we have a lot of students who became core teachers in our team and bring in experience from all over the world. Did you know that by now, there are more then a thousand Yogalife teachers out there from 30 different countries? And they all bring in their own field of expertise, some are doctors, others are engineers, some are waiters and others are philosophers. So together we have an enormous resource of knowledge that we share in our teachings.
Yogalife is now a world-wide community: In our programs in India, we welcome people from all over the world (Australia, New-Zealand, America,…) and in our European courses we meet a lot of local people. Most of our trainers are based in Europe, and by working together we have become more effective. Looking at this community attitude, lots of new people got attracted to us: Julia Roberts took Yoga classes from us during her stay in India preparing for the movie ‘Eat, Pray, Love’. Sanjeev’s work with the people from Solar Impulse to help them achieve extreme challenges with the help of Yoga is a very interesting example of how yoga helps you in life. We also guide many corporate leaders that use the Yogic way of life to deal with the enormous responsibilities that they hold.

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